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Concrete Frequently Asked Questions

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Farming Applications

Application Designated Concrete Standard Mixes Recommended Consistence Class

Floors & Roads

Livestock floors and aprons RC28/35 N/A S2/S3
Stable floors RC35/45 N/A S2/S3
Crop store floors RC28/35 N/A S2/S3
Floors & walls for silage RC32/40 N/A S2/S3
Workshop floors subject to fork lift trucks RC32/40 N/A S2/S3
Brewers grain stores RC35/45 N/A S2/S3
Mushroom sheds RC32/40 N/A S2/S3
Floors for parlours and dairies RC28/35 N/A S2/S3
Floors for manure and slurry storage RC32/40 N/A S2/S3
External yards & roads PAV2 N/A S2

Housing Applications

Application Designated Concrete Alternate Mixes Consistence Class

Foundations requiring DC-1 concrete

Blinding Gen 1 ST2 S2/S3
Strip foundations (Non reinforced) Gen 1 ST2 S2/S3
Strip foundations (Reinforced) RC25/30 N/A S2/S3

General Applications

Kerb backing and bedding Gen0 8-1 'P190 'ST1 S1


House floors with no embedded metal Gen3 6-1 'P240 'ST2 S2/S3
Permanent finish to be added e.g. screed Gen3 6-1 'P240 'ST2 S2/S3
No permanent finish to be added e.g. carpet Gen3 6-1 'P240 'ST2 S2/S3
Garage Floors with no embedded metal C25/30 5-1 'P240 'ST4 S2/S3
Reinforced house floors C25/30 5-1 'P300 'ST4 S2/S3
Reinforced garage floor RC28/35 6-1 'P330 'ST5 S2/S3


House drives and domestic external parking PAV1 N/A S2
Heavy duty external parking PAV2 N/A S2

Consistence Table

S1 10-40 30
S2 50-90 80
S3 100-150 130
S4 150-210 180

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