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Decorative Aggregates

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  • E2787

    2 - 6 mm GOLDEN SHINGLE

    A small golden flint ideal for resin bound surface dressing. Can also be used in horticulture as pot dressing and as a pebble dashing product.

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  • E2784

    4 - 10 mm GOLDEN SHINGLE

    This multi-coloured rich golden gravel is preferred for garden paths and patios. An easy match for our local bricks and stone. It is also popular for borders and pot dressing.

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  • E2782

    6 - 14 mm GOLDEN SHINGLE

    A pleasing mix of cream, brown and grey shingle is an ideal size gravel for domestic driveways as it is naturally angular and “locks together” for an attractive finish.

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  • E2777

    10 - 20 mm GOLDEN SHINGLE

    This robust yellow and gold mixture is suited to high traffic areas. Ideal for ground cover, driveways, borders and agricultural yards.

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  • C3483


    This clay bound gravel is screened to 30mm down. Locally sourced, this warm yellow material is easily rolled down to create a durable finish or can be used as a background for driveway top dressings.

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    A good looking mixture of grey with pink flecks, and a sparkle when wet, this hard stone is well suited as a driveway finish or for paths and patios.

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  • CH10MM


    A warm yellow chipping ideal for garden paths. This crushed stone is suitable for ground cover and borders but isn’t recommended as a driveway top dressing.

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  • CH20MM


    An attractive creamy limestone from the heart of the Cotswolds. This will make a pleasing addition to any garden path or patio. Due to the soft nature of this material it is not suitable for driveways where a high volume of traffic is expected.

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  • E2877


    This traditional Welsh green granite will make a strong statement on any driveway. The angular stone is grey/green when dry and dark green when wet.

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  • CHRR1

    14mm RUSTIC RED

    A popular Scottish red granite. It complements many of our red brick built houses and provides an appealing alternative to shingle and Cotswold finishes.

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  • CHDCO3883

    20mm GREEN SLATE

    As a by-product of the roof slate process this eco-friendly chipping is ideal for paths and patios.

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    40mm PLUM SLATE

    A popular misty purple and blue coloured chipping when dry it adds colour to garden borders and paths.

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  • E2885

    10 - 20 mm KENTISH PEBBLES

    This small flint pebble makes ideal ground cover and for use in water features.

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  • CH40MM

    20 - 40 mm KENTISH PEBBLES

    A larger size brown/grey pebble suitable for borders and its irregular shape is a natural background for ponds and water features.

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  • E2769

    50 - 75 mm KENTISH COBBLES

    These large multitoned grey cobbles are best seen as garden features and are also used in ponds.

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  • C3386


    A variety of small to large stones ideal for traditional rockery or building raised beds. This cream and brown limestone can also be part of a garden feature.

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