Equestrian Sand


Specifically formulated for equestrian applications, including polo, eventing and racecourses, our products provide a consistently firm, free-draining surface.

The material is applicable for both large and small arenas, suitable in indoor and outdoor schools, training gallops and exercise paddocks.

The sand is quarried and processed from our Wareham, Masters quarry. The silica grains themselves are naturally angular to sub-rounded, making it ideal for use in the equestrian arena.

The process to refine the sand includes washing and screening to achieve a grading of 0-0.7mm (0-1) free draining product. This specific grading of the sand after natural settlement in-situ will not cause the horse to ride too deeply, therefore considerably reducing the risk of soft tissue damage, and this allows the horse to ride comfortably on the sand profile.

We would recommend a minimum settled depth of 150mm before considering any surface treatments are added.

Customers can enhance the ride of Tracsand® to suit their requirements with the addition of artificial fibres or “crumbed” rubber. We would advise customers that if “crumbed” rubber is used, to ensure the horses’ continued safety, it should be 100% free of any metal contamination. Both types of additives should be incorporated into the top 50-70mm of the sand profile.

Periodically, the surface should be levelled using a lector or similar proprietary device. If desired, Tracsand® can also be wax treated by specialist on-site contractors.

Equestrian Sand

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