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Floor Screed

Our screed mixes have a range of applications. Domestic floor finishes are commonly a 4:1 mix with 6mm polypropylene fibres and retarder added. The fibres in the mix reduce the risk of cracking while the screed sets and the retarder keeps the mix workable as it is being laid. The minimum recommended depth is 65mm and can be used to encase underfloor heating pipes to maximise the thermal mass of the floor.

With the addition of additives, K-Screed will reduce the drying time enabling floor finishes such as tiling or timber flooring to be laid sooner. It should be noted that the pace of drying is influenced by ambient temperature and relative humidity.

‘High Dose K’ is able to reduce the drying time by up to 50% with the assistance of good ventilation and background heating after the initial curing stage.

Landscapers can use a 6:1 mix to wet bed slabs and natural stone paving. The semidry sand/cement mix makes it ideal for bedding and levelling slabs for patios and driveways.

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