Celebrating 85 years serving the local community

We’re proud to be celebrating our 85th anniversary and, with it, the many supportive customers, suppliers and partners we’ve worked with over the years.

After a challenging year, the construction industry is continuing to stay strong and set to grow. We need more houses, better infrastructure, and larger spaces to live in. Through new builds or home improvements, individuals and companies have put development at the top of their agendas, especially considering the current situation.

New Milton Sand and Ballast is growing too

We are responding to the needs of our customers and uniting our offering to make us easier to navigate and to demonstrate our comprehensive range of products and services we can now provide.

Expanding on 85 years’ experience of supporting our local community to build, we have established a strong company and a reliable reputation for producing and supplying aggregates and concrete, sporting and horticultural products, building merchant materials and skip and waste services.

The company has always been known as New Milton Sand and Ballast. However, this is not our legal name. It was just the way the Drew family chose to establish the company 85 years ago. We have also acquired a few companies along the way which have enabled us to get to where we are today but has meant we have a lot of brands across the group and many people still do not realise the full breadth of products and services we can provide. Therefore, we are uniting our current businesses under the new legal name – New Milton Sand and Ballast Ltd with a slight change to our brand to include the ‘B’ into the design - NMSB.

Holme Sand & Ballast Ltd and New Milton Concrete Ltd remain as they are for now but Hibbs, SMS, Maxi Aggregates, Roffey Brothers, and a few other historic names will disappear. We took the first steps a few years ago with the start of a brand refresh to NMS and we are now completing that process.

With this new combined offering, we will be growing our company through further expansion, and by introducing new products and services that we know will provide our customers with an even better service.

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To find out more about our unique and diverse range of products and services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable, experienced team today on 01425 610566.


Operational Opportunities at NMSB

We have been extracting minerals locally for over 85 years, turning sands and gravels into the much needed construction and landscaping products used today to build our houses and support the growing infrastructure needed across the UK

New Milton Sand and Ballast appoints new Senior Sales Manager

It’s all change for our sales team with a familiar face, Luke Watts, being promoted to our new Senior Sales Manager.

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Join us on a trip down memory lane as we celebrate our 85 year anniversary and look back at all the different trucks we've had in our fleet over the years!

Step It Up this Recycle Week

The climate crisis is a tough subject and the last 18 months have shown that. While throughout the past year many things have been out of our control, the climate crisis is something we can all help do something about. Most of us already do, through small but powerful habits such as recycling.

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