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Oakhaven £100 Challenge 2017


For our fundraising in 2017 we have entered the Oakhaven £100 challenge. At the launch, we were given two £50 notes and tasked with the goal of turning it into £1000 or more!

Oakhaven Launch Photo

DOakhaven Pancake Eventuring several fundraising events throughout the first half of the year, we hope to spend the £100 to turn it into at least £1000 to give back to Oakhaven. Our efforts started on Pancake Day at Head Office making £31.65 from pancakes with a variety of delicious toppings.



Cup Cake ImageAnother fundraising day at Head Office raised £79.65 with staff donating for bacon sarnies and cupcakes. The challenge total now stands at £189.65.






To further raise money toward the Oakhaven £100 Challenge, we have organised an Easter cake/cupcake bake off. Have a look at how our fantastic staff rose to the challenge!

Cake 1 Cake 2 Cake 3 Cake 4 Cake 5 Cake 6



Several more exciting events are planned to boost the coffers in the coming months.

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