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At Pennington we recycle your waste. From builders’ rubble and soil, tarmac and green waste to plasterboard and wood. Pretty much an entire house can be processed.

Thousands of tonnes of soil and concrete are tipped in the yard each week. We remove the stone, bricks and concrete to produce a recycled soil. The stone is then washed and graded into recycled shingle for drainage as an alternative to primary. The bricks and concrete are crushed, graded and blended to create a certified recycled aggregate.

Skip waste is also abundant. It arrives on our own skip trucks from large areas of South Hampshire and East Dorset. We separate it down to stock piles of the individual materials

  • Wood: sorted into grades and shredded down to produce biomass fuel. This is used to heat holiday park swimming pools and greenhouses for local nurseries.
  • Hard Plastics: Such as window frames are separated and sent to a processing company. They are recycled into new plastics.
  • Soil and bricks: These are removed from the skip waste and sent over to the inert recycling side of the site to be reclaimed as described above.
  • Tyres: The metal rims are removed and a specialist tyre recycling company collects them.
  • Metal: Ferrous and non-ferrous metals are recovered. We send them away to a furnace for a new life.
  • Fridges: Tough regulations cover the disposal of fridges. We send them to a company who recover the refrigerant, dispose of the foams and then send the metals for recycling.
  • Plasterboard: Separated plasterboard is sent away to be shredded down and the paper is removed. The raw Gypsum is then washed and recycled into recovered Gypsum products

Green waste is shredded and then put into windrows. This is then monitored constantly and turned regularly to encourage it to break down. We then screen out the large lumps. These are returned to the stockpile to go back through the process. The smaller “compost” is then blended with our recycled soil to enhance it, and used on our restoration projects such as this lake at Pennington created summer 2013.


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