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Plant and Machinery Hire

We have a range of plant and machinery available for hire to both the public and contractors. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and a great range of high-quality, professional equipment that is suitable for projects of all sizes. Our range covers machinery from leading manufacturers, such as Kubota, BLEC, Branson and Thwaites.

Information about the equipment available can be found below, if you are ready to book you can contact us on 01425 610566 or visit one of our branches.

Please take a look at our frequently asked questions here.



We offer a range of breakers that are ideal for breaking up concrete, asphalt and brickwork. Different sizes and specifications are available, and we are happy to advise on the best option for your project.

Breaker – to fit 1.5 ton Excavators (D-A-D Excavators Only)
Breaker – to fit 3 ton Excavators (D-A-D Excavators Only)
Auger – To fit 1.5 ton Excavators (9” & 12” flights available)
Auger – To fit 3 ton Excavators (comes with 9” flight)


Our range of diggers is available for self-drive hire. You will need to be insured to operate a digger; we recommend JCB Plant Hire Insurance or adding the machinery to your household policy. Contractors will need to obtain Hired in Plant Insurance.

Kubota 1.0 ton Digger (variable size undercarriage)
Kubota 1.5 ton Digger
Kubota 1.7 ton Digger (Variable size undercarriage)
Kubota 2.7 ton Digger (zero tail swing)
Kubota 5.5 ton Digger
Kubota 8 ton Digger


Our fleet of dumper trucks offers quality, reliability and fuel economy, with forward tip, hi-tip and swivel tip options ranging from 750kg to 1-ton.

Kubota Skip Loading Dumper – 750kg (tracked)
Thwaites Dumper – 1 ton (high lift)
Thwaites Swivel Dumper – 3 ton
Thwaites 6 ton Dumper

Plate Compactor and Rollers

Our ride on rollers are ideal for levelling and compacting work, including driveways and landscaping. We also have plate compactors (16” wacker plate) available, which can be used to smooth and compress soil, gravel or tarmac.

Plate Compactor (16” Wacker Plate)
120cm Ride on Roller

Wood Chippers

Also known as garden shredders, wood chippers can help to reduce garden waste by processing tree branches, clippings and foliage. Strong cutting blades easily and efficiently turn garden waste into chips that can be used as mulch or compost.

Timberwolf 150 DHB – towbar transportation – up to 6”
Timberwolf 150 VTR – self-propelled tracked – up to 6”

Stump Grinder - Operated only

Tree stump grinders allow you to easily and efficiently grind down tree stumps, clearing the ground for you to proceed with your garden project and ground works.

FSI ST27 Stump Grinder

Cherry Picker – Arial Platform

Cherry pickers are used for projects that require working at height. Our cherry pickers are suitable for use on uneven, rough terrain. We also have the option of operated hire. For your protection, we can provide safety harnesses.

Nissan Cabstar (3500kg) Z20.2H Access Platform 20mtr
OPERATED HIRE – ex fuel & del/col (5hr hire/6.5hrs on site)

Compact Tractors

Despite their size, compact tractors can more than pull their weight, with high-performance specs, powerful torque engines and automatic two-pedal transmissions. Our models range from 35hp to 47hp.

F36 Branson Compact Tractor – 35HP – Turf Tyres
F47 Branson Compact Tractor – 45HP – Industrial Tyres
5025C Branson Compact Tractor – 47 HP – Industrial / Turf Tyres

Compact Tractor Attachments

We can provide an extensive range of compact tractor attachments, including fertiliser spreaders, flail mowers, log splitters and muck spreaders. Please feel free to ask for advice on the best equipment for your landscaping project.

Chain Harrow 12’
Fertiliser Spreader
Flail Mower 1.8m
Log Splitter
Muck Spreader 4.5 cubic metre
Paddock Topper 1.8m
Post Driver/Puncher – Tractor Mounted
Side Flail Arm / Hedge Cutter
Flail Collector / Scarifier 1.8m & Tractor (Operated Only)
Water Ballast Roller – 6’6”
Subsoiler – Pipelayer
Flemming Auger Unit – Comes with 9” flight
Flemming Box Grader 1.8m
Tomlin 250ltr sprayer

BLEC Groundcare Equipment

We have a range of BLEC groundcare equipment available to hire, including multi seeders, laser graders and rotovators. We can provide everything you need for your landscaping project.

Blec Power Box Rake – PBR180 & PBR80 Pedestrian
Blec Blecavator BV145 – Rotovator with stone burier
Blec Blecavator BV130 – Rotovator with Stone Burier
Blec CP36 Cultipac Seeder
Blec Turf Maker Seeder 1.8m
Blec Multi Seeder 1.6m
Blec Laser Grader c/w Lasers


A telehandler is a machine which has a boom that can extend forwards and upwards from the vehicle. At the end of the boom, you can fit forks, a bucket or muck grab (all of which are available to hire). Our telehandlers have a reach of 4.5m.

Weidmann T4512 Telehandler – 4.5m reach (comes with Forks)
Material Bucket
Muck Grab


Trailers are ideal for big sites where large amounts of heavy material have to be moved, or small sites where they can be used as mobile storage. We provide trailers that can carry up to 3,500kg gross weight. Ramps are also available.

Ifor Williams Plant Trailer with ramp – 2700kg gross weight
Ifor Williams Plant Trailer with ramp – 3500kg gross weight
Bateson Tilt Bed Car Transporter – 3,500kg gross weight


We have a wide range of gardening equipment available to hire, including rotovators, turf cutters and lawn aerators. For gardening projects large and small, we’ve got you covered.

Speedy-Rain 25/50 Irrigation travelling sprinkler
Camon C8 Heavy Duty Rotovator
Camon Turf Cutter
Lawn Aerator – Solid Tines (Spikes)
Lawn Aerator – Hollow Tines (Plugs)
Lawn Scarifier

ATVs (4x4 All-Terrain Vehicles)

ATVs perform well on all terrains and are ideally suited to access farmland, boggy or wet ground, and untamed countryside. We offer the choice of 2/3 seater or 4/6 seater ATVs. Long-term hire available.

2/3 Seater ATV (Polaris or Kawasaki)
4/6 Seater ATV (Polaris)

To find out more or to check availability for your required equipment, please contact us on 01425 610566. If you have any questions about equipment hire, including insurance, delivery times or any machine-specific queries, please get in touch or visit our FAQs.

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