Talking to the Transport Team

We talked to Kevin Charlton, Transport Manager and Grant Wells, one of the Drivers from our Transport Team.


What does a typical day look like for you, Kevin? (If there is such a thing!)

Kevin: I started my life at NMSB nearly 30 years ago! My job is very different these days with the varied role I now do, there’s no such thing as an average day for me. I enjoy liaising with the customers, drivers, other teams and sites that we work with, although it’s very difficult to satisfy everybody!

I can be managing 50 vehicles at any given time but I enjoy the challenge. Here in transport, we are the last link in the chain. We have a genuine part to play in the production journey – if we get it wrong then it could mean that everyone’s hard work is wasted! We always have to think about this journey and the company as a whole rather than just our immediate teams.


What’s the most rewarding part of your role?

Kevin: I really like influencing positive change and making savings for the company. I find it rewarding when I can see that we are allocating deliveries smarter and/or improving on efficiencies. As well as satisfying our customers.


What makes NMSB a special place to work?

Kevin: Our lovely rural locations, interesting bunch of colleagues, our distinctive and long standing brand and the opportunity to develop personally.


How long have you worked for NMSB, Grant?

I’m definitely considered a newbie in comparison to Kev, but I actually left to join a larger transport company and came back. So, in my new role I’ve been here a few months now.


Why did you come back?

Grant: Having worked in the transport game for several years. I love what I do, talking to customers and travelling about the country but after leaving I realised I wanted to have the opportunity to spend more time with my family, a better work life balance as they say. However, that isn’t really heard of for us drivers. Well, apart from at NMSB. I have really enjoyed working somewhere that makes you feel as important as the customers. Of course, we must work hard and work on if its needed but they understand that we all need that balance to be able to deliver at our best.


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