Electricity Saving Team Challenge

As part of our environmental commitments, the NMSB team have embarked on a company-wide challenge to ‘Spot it, Stop it & Save it’ by reducing electricity wastage. This may seem obvious but across the company, there are many little things that add up, especially over the winter months, and these are often overlooked as they are in communal areas so not specifically accountable to any one person, areas such as kitchens or mess rooms.

Our sustainability commitments are our way of documenting initiatives we will implement to help do our bit to preserve the planet and reduce our carbon footprint.  Although cost saving is not the main reason to reduce our electricity usage, we are looking at many greener energy alternatives, but wastage and operating more efficiently are even more important due to the recent unprecedented rise in energy costs.

The campaign is part of a sustainability challenge that was rolled out to department managers across the business. As part of a strategy workshop, the managers were split into teams to work together to generate and present their ideas based on different topics – energy, water and fuel. It was a huge success and gave the managers an opportunity to be involved in setting our goals, and in total, 12 projects will be taken forward.

The fundamental goal of the Spot it, Stop it & Save it campaign is to educate our entire workforce to recognise areas where energy could be saved and not only in the obvious ways.  For example, unplugging extension leads and actually turning off monitors and lights at the end of the day, everywhere! We want to encourage people to actually act on the information we provide them with and running the campaign over three months will hopefully ensure new habits are developed and reinforced. We will be monitoring the power usage and running a league style table incentivising the teams with breakfast, with an overall winning team.


Celebrating Community in New Milton

This June, we are proud to celebrate not only our 88th anniversary but also the achievements of our vibrant New Milton community!

Local Primary School pupil creates eye-catching new design for our Road Sweeper

Earlier this month, we revealed the new, colourful design of our road sweeper, following a competition with the students at Milford on Sea C of E Primary School. (link to Home | Milford-on-Sea Church of England Primary School (mosps.hants.sch.uk)) This week, we went to the school to reveal the vehicle to the students, and the winner, Tyler Pallant, age 9, along with runners up, Elouise Pallant, Mia Roberts and India Dowse, all received mini models of their designs.

Local School Helps Plant New Orchard

Pupils of Milford on Sea Primary School have helped us plant a new orchard, located at Downton Manor Farm Quarry in Milford on Sea. Working in partnership with The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, the new orchard has been created to benefit local wildlife and will become an important new space for the community.

GCSE Students visit our Hurn Site

Last week we welcomed over 50 students from Parkfield School to our Hurn production and extraction site.

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