Part Two – Waste Management

  • 08/04/2022

Being honest, it takes lots of hard work to manage the waste we receive and dispose of it in the way we want to – which of course is recycling as much as possible and reducing what goes into landfill.

Commercial waste describes anything that is not hazardous. This can be a mix of plastics, wood, soil, glass, metal, cardboard and general household waste.

All waste (except non-recyclable inert waste) goes to our material recycling facility (MRF) at Pennington. NMSB offers various methods of disposing of waste, through our skips or fill-a-bags, muck away and direct tipping at many of our sites. To tip directly with us you must have a waste carriers licence, which can be applied for using the following link.

Waste Journeys

Our waste department completes three to four compliance checks per week, where they will follow a skip from start to finish to see what is in it and track the waste journey. This helps us to ensure that we are disposing of the waste in the best way possible.

Below we have detailed some of the material recycling journeys:

  • Wood: Shredded – some turned into compost
  • Green Waste: Shredded – turned into compost
  • Soil: Screened – turned into 1A engineering fill (this goes back into our quarries to reinstate the land and is great for biodiversity, especially for planting wild meadows and grass.)
  • Concrete and tarmac: Crushed – then is made into 6F5 or Crushed Type 1 product (used in construction)
  • Plastic/ window frames: Bailed - then made into pellets or briquettes and sold back to the plastic market to be made into plastic products.
  • Builder’s bags: Bailed – recycled
  • Film: Bailed – goes back into the plastic manufacturing process
  • Metal: Segregated – this then goes to metal processors
  • Nonferrous metals: Picking station – all non-ferrous metal will be recovered and go to metal processes
  • Glass: Sorted – recycled

Anything that cannot be recycled (usually 15-20%) will be used for Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) or Energy From Waste (EFW), anything else will be landfilled.


Awards Season

We are really excited to share with you that not only have we been nominated for finalists in the Builders Merchant Awards - Hard Landscaping Display of the Year, but NMSB has also been shortlisted as finalists in the prestigious Hampshire Business Awards, for Contribution to the Community, and Business of the Year. As well as qualifying to be included in the Solent SME Growth 100, and subsequently being nominated for the Leadership Team of the Year Award.

1920m3 of Concrete Delivered for New Windfarm Project

We are very proud to have supported Knights Brown with their project at the new windfarm in Wareham, by supplying and delivering the concrete required for the bases, creating a strong foundation for the wind turbines.

We are finalists! Hard Landscaping Display of the Year

We are very pleased to announce that our Builders Merchant division has been shortlisted as one of the three finalists for Hard Landscaping Display of the Year in the BMF Builder's Merchant Awards, for our landscaping display at New Milton Builder's Merchants.

Wildlife Walk and Activities for Oakhaven Hospice

On Saturday 30th September, we hosted a fundraising walk and series of wildlife activities at the Downton Jubilee Walk to raise money for Oakhaven Hospice – part of an ongoing challenge to raise as much money as possible for the local charity. To date, NMSB have raised over £21,000 for the local charity through a series of fundraising events since 2016.

Our Accreditations