The importance of proper fence maintenance - plus special offer on Ronseal products

  • 26/04/2021

We break down the reasons it’s important to carry out proper maintenance on your garden fencing to keep it looking great for longer.

Help prevent the need for replacement

Regular wood treatment and staining carries a number of benefits. By creating a protective coating, a high-quality wood treatment and stain can help to stop water from getting into your fence. This can help to prevent rotting. Staining your fence can also stop the wood from splitting and limit UV damage from the sun’s rays.

All of these benefits mean that your fence is less likely to need expensive repairs or replacement. 

Save money

Replacing fence panels can be quite costly, so taking steps to protect your fencing from damage caused by the elements is a great way to save money long term. A high-quality fence treatment like Ronseal FenceLife Plus protects against rain, frost, snow and UV damage.

The colour will even stay looking great for up to five years and won’t grey in the sun. Treatments and stains are easy to apply, either by brush or with a sprayer. 

Keep your fences looking great

Fence treatments and stains come in a range of colours to suit your style, whether that’s natural wood, on-trend pastels or a range of other vibrant shades. Why not give your fence some TLC and treat it to a makeover at the same time, to give your garden an instant lift?

Don’t miss our great offers on Ronseal products

To get your fences up to scratch and your garden looking great for summer, we’re currently running an offer on Ronseal products. Fence Life Plus is now just £7 + VAT for a 5-litre tub (available in seven great colours) and we have three shades of Ronseal fencing stain available at £8 + VAT for a 9-litre tub. 

This offer ends soon, so don’t miss out! Contact us today or give us a call on 01425 610 566 to place your order. 

If your fencing needs a bit more love than just a coat of paint, we also stock a complete range of fencing products and panels. For more information about our product range, please get in touch with our friendly team on 01425 610 566


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