Operational Opportunities at NMSB

We have been extracting minerals locally for over 85 years, turning sands and gravels into much needed construction and landscaping products used to build our houses and support the growing infrastructure needed across the UK. Within our operations, we have three quarries where we extract primary materials. Our quarries are extremely important to our entire operation and provide our staff on the ground with huge variety and career opportunities that perhaps people don’t realise are available, read on to find out more!

Meet Joe - Plant Process Supervisor at our Wareham Quarry, Masters.

Joe Process Plant Supervisor Wareham Quarry

Joe joined us having worked in farming for many years. He was looking for a better work/life balance but wanted to remain working outside and with machinery. So this role was the perfect fit, and he gets to work in a lovely location too - here's what Joe says about his role:

"I like variety and to be kept busy and this role certainly provides me with that. It's fundamental to the business that the main wash and processing plant operates continually, if it breaks then production stops. It’s my responsibility to make sure the plant is clean, working correctly and producing the quality materials we need and I take pride in that responsibility. I enjoy working with the team at Wareham and I am keen to see how I can progress in my role."

We are currently looking for a Plant Process Supervisor at our Hurn Quarry. So if you are mechanically minded and enjoy working outside like Joe, why not start a career in quarry operations?

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A change of direction for Steve

Steve Quarry Manager NMSB

Steve is Deputy Manager at our Downton Quarry. An office and site-based role, our Quarry Managers have a busy day ensuring that efficiency, safety, cost-effectiveness and sustainability is consistently delivered. They oversee all areas of the quarry to ensure that extraction and processing work is carried out to the highest standard.

Steve has actually worked for NMSB for a while but in a very different role, working as part of the sales team for the Builder's Merchant area of the business. Again, coming from a farming background with a qualification in agricultural mechanics, Steve chose to take a different route to his family, but was recently drawn back to the outdoor lifestyle and working with machinery.

Steve comments "I am really appreciative of NMSB in supporting me with this change of direction and the training being provided to become a Quarry Manager. Downton is a particularly beautiful quarry with an outstanding restoration programme. There is a lot to manage, a lot to learn and always a technical challenge to overcome, but I love my job and that’s something that a lot of people are not able to say!"


Congratulations Steve H

Steve is our Operations Manager overseeing the New Milton site and our Downton Quarry and recently achieved his level 4 WAMITAB qualifications for Inert landfill and treatment.

These are just some of the qualifications we support our Operational Managers to achieve when managing one of our sites or quarries. This particular qualification ensures we maintain health and safety, the environmental impact of work activities, the movement, sorting, storage, reception and disposal of waste, as well as appropriate and planned restoration programmes.

Operations Manager Steve


"Investment in our people is important and something we have chosen to really focus on over this past year. To invest means to “devote (one's time, effort, or energy) to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.” And we believe that by giving our staff the opportunities to progress, learn and develop their careers builds a strong foundation of trust in what and how we do our business and that is why investment is part of our core values that underpin our company."

Rob Flower, MD


Supporting our staff and their wellbeing - Stress Awareness Week

It has been more than 18 months since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and for most of us it has had an impact on our lives in some way, both at home and at work.

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